CO803, Colon cancer tissue array, with matched tumor and adjacent normal tissue, 40 cases/80 cores。replaced by CO803a

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Microarray Panel Colon cancer and normal tissue microarray, containing 40 each of colon cancer and matched adjacent normal tissue. Each normal adjacent tissue is placed next to its matched cancer tissue, single core per case
Cores 80
Cases 40
Row number 8
Column number 10
Core Diameter (mm) 1.5
Thickness (µm) 0
Quality Control Anti-Cytokeratin (CK) confirmed
Tissue Array Type FFPE
Species Human
Applications Routine histology procedures including Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH), protocols which can be found at our support page.
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Data Added 42741
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Colon cancer tissue array

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Colon cancer tissue array

Colon cancer tissue array

CO803a, Colon cancer tissue array with matched cancer adjacent colon tissue as contral, including TNM, clinical stage and pathology grade, 40 cases/80..


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